Thursday, March 13, 2008

Apostolic Preaching

The Apostolic Message

There are many who believe that the Apostolic Message that is the message of the Apostolic Church is one that is heretical and aberrant from the true Christian Faith. Many have also taken up arms to contend against her message of holiness and consecration and have developed elaborate systems of Polemics to combat her on the battlefield of Theological Academics and yet the truth of the matter is that the true Apostolic Church is one that teaches and preaches holiness and demands a change in lifestyle. It is not a church that is binding, rather it is one that simply expects and holds all responsible for their lifestyle in Christ. Yes there are those who have gone overboard with many strange doctrines but that has happened in every denomination. Let us remember that at one time even the famed Tertullian, the constructor of the Trinitarian Doctrine was at one time excommunicated from the church because of his Montanist views. Even the Catholic Church is ridiculed and labeled as the Harlot of Babylon by most Evangelicals and many Charismatics and yet the very Trinitarian Doctrine as well as many others were constructed by the Catholic Church Fathers. The Purpose of this Blog site is to reveal outstanding preachers and provide a platform for the true Apostolic Doctrine and not that which has been shown by flagrant misrepresentation. If the truth be told many Charismatics, Full Gospel, Holiness, Evangelicals etc. have blatantly misrepresented Christianity as a whole and have also misrepresented many of the groups in which they represent.

I hope you enjoy this site and may God bless you abundantly.

Bishop D.A. Reeves

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